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GeneLink Web Service

GeneLink provides access to gene information through a web service. Other software applications may access gene annotations through this service.

The routines that are available are:

search function

The search function provides applications with the ability to search through bioinformatics databases. Applications can retrieve accession number, unigene, gene name, locuslink for a given input. searchField is the field the user want info for, i.e. accession number, 'U85267'. idType is the type of field the user is supplying matchType specifies whether data should be matched exactly or partially. Calling the function search looks like this, search(searchField,idType, matchType). The arguments for the search function:

valid idTypes are:

valid matchTypes are:

getGOinfo function

The getGOinfo function returns all locuslinks and their corresponding gene ontology id's. This function is currently used by the GO Browser.

How to use functions

The following is an example of calling the search function via a Perl application:
#!perl -w
use SOAP::Lite;
my @res = ("no", "yes");
my $res = "start";
$soap_response = SOAP::Lite
-> uri('')
-> proxy('', timeout => 5000)
-> search('U85267','Accession Numbers','match exactly');
$res = $soap_response->result;
print "unigene is elem[1] $$res[1]\n";
print "gene symbol is elem[2] $$res[2]\n";
print "chromosome is elem[3] $$res[3]\n";