The Tail Rank Test

The Tail Rank test is a new method we have developed for finding biomarkers in microarray data sets. The method is essentially non-parametric, focusing on the tails of the distributions in the two classes being compared. The method allows analysts to perform realistic sample size and power computaions.

A manuscript describing the tail rank test is available:

We have implemented the Tail Rank test as a package for R, the freely available, open source, statistical software package. SImply download the zip file containing the R package implementing the Tail Rank test, and install it as you would any other package. (From the Windows GUI, select the menu items "Packages", then "Install package(s) from local zip files...".)

We have also made available the full prostate cancer data set that we used in the paper. This data set contains the normalized log ratios from all 112 experiments. The original unprocessed data is available fom the Stanford MicroArray Database, and is derived from the paper by Lapointe et al.