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This site is one of three maintained by the Section of Bioinformatics in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Our main site contains information about the composition of the section, the people who do the work, our seminar announcements, freely available software we have developed, and our connections to the Cancer Genomics Program.

You can also go to our main web site for a list of bioinformatics services provided by other organizations.

The Section of Bioinformatics also provides services to MD Anderson researchers and to the research community at large through a pair of web sites. Services that are freely available to all researchers are hosted on our public web site, at Additional services, which are only available to MD Anderson researchers (either because of licensing restrictions or to preserve the confidentiality of data), are hosted on our internal private services web server.

List of Public Services

GeneLink, version 2.1
GeneLink is a cross reference tool that allows you to search for information about many genes simultaneously. It performs as a web-based service to conduct batch searches of standard bioinformatics databases such as GenBank, UniGene, LocusLink, etc. The advent of high throughput biological techniques, such as microarrays and SAGE, has lead to an increasing need for simultaneously collecting the existing information on large numbers of genes. GeneLink is an ongoing project being developed by the Section of Bioinformatics to facilitate these simultaneous searches.
Gene Cards
GeneCards™ is a database of human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases. It offers concise information about the functions of all human genes that have an approved symbol, as well as selected others. GeneCards was developed at the Crown Human Genome Center and the Weizmann Institute of Science. It is a compilation of material gathered from disparate publicaly available databases and placed in a coherent organizational framework. GeneCards at MD Anderson is a mirror of the primary site, hosted by the Bioinformatics Section to facilitate faster access to this material by MD Anderson researchers.
Result Viewer
Result Viewer is an application designed in the Bioinformatics Section at MD Anderson, with the help of Biostatistics programmers, for investigators to browse the data analysis results of their microarray experiments. The application works much like a standard data base query tool in a browser. Records in the analysis results may be extracted by relatively 'high' level gene function or cytoband classification. Gene specific searching is also available. This is a self-extracting stand-alone application.
A Windows implementation of Li Zhang’s Positional Dependent Nearest Neighbor (PDNN) model.
Discussion Forum
Discussion group software.

Supplements to publications

Between-Library Variation in SAGE
Supplemental material to article by Keith Baggerly to appear in Bioinformatics.
Reproducibility of SELDI-TOF Protein Patterns in Serum
Supplemental material to aritcle by Keith Baggery, Jeff Morris, and Kevin Coombes

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