Geneclust JS

User Guide (includes links to some sample input data). Geneclust JS is a port of the GeneClust package from S-Plus/R to Javascript running as a standalone application inside your web browser. Geneclust JS was developed by Bradley M. Broom and Kim-Anh Do. Copyright 2002-2012 by Bradley M. Broom and Kim-Anh Do.

Note: a recent web browser is required. Browsers that have been tested and are known to work include Google Chrome version 20 and Firefox version 10.

1. Select input data

No input data loaded.

2. Select supervision data (optional)

Optionally select a file to (partially) supervise the gene shaving, and a supervision percentage.

Supervision file:
Percent supervision:

No supervision data is loaded.

3. Set shaving parameters (optional)

Optionally tweak the parameters of the gene shaving algorithm. The defaults should be fine.

Shaving percentage:
Number of permutations:
Gap tolerance:

4. Generate clusters

Maximum number of clusters:


## genes% variance explainedEigenvalueDiagnostics

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