This is a collection of interactive Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps (NG-CHMs).

NG-CHMs enable you to zoom and navigate on the image, recolor on the fly, link out from labels or pixels to external sources of information, produce high-resolution publication-quality graphics, and capture all metadata needed to reproduce the map. They provide an exploratory environment invaluable for identifying cancer sub-types or checking out your favorite gene or pathway: perhaps a gene or pathway that provides a target for cancer therapy. First time users, please see the Quick User Guide (button at left). For more detailed information, see the NG-CHM project page.

Additional features and performance enhancements will be added on a continuing basis, so come back for more over time.

- TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center, MD Anderson Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, with SRA International and In Silico Solutions.

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