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Standardized TCGA Data TCGA Level 3 data in the "Open Access HTTP Directories" found at the TCGA data site has been put through a "standardization" process. The TCGA data is converted to a standard format consisting of a matrix with samples across the top and "gene equivalents" (such as, gene symbols, probe ids, and miRNA ids) as row labels. More details on tumor types, platforms, and standardized data are available here.

Select Data of Interest Find the Standardized TCGA data you are looking for by selecting a download date for the original data, and specifying one or more of the tumor types and platforms. The links available below the Download Agreement will change to reflect your current selection criteria.

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Agree to Data Guidelines and Download Data By downloading, analyzing, and/or using TCGA data for publication purposes, the user accepts the data use restrictions and requirements as outlined in the TCGA Publication Guidelines. See for additional information.
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