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Dr. Bo Peng received his MS degree in applied mathematics from the University of Houston and his Ph.D. degree in biostatistics from the Rice University. With his strong background in mathematics and computer science, his research has focused on method and software development for large scale epidemiological and bioinformatic data analysis. In particular, Dr. Peng has worked on the 1) the evolution of complex human diseases and its applications in genetic epidemiology, 2) annotation and analysis of genetic variants from large scale genetic epimiological studies, and 3) efficient and reproducible bioinformatic data analysis for biomedical research. Consequently, Dr. Peng has developed

  • simuPOP: A general-purpose forward-time population genetics simulation environment. It has been one of the most popular population genetics simulators.
  • variant tools: A software tool for the manipulation, annotation, selection, simulation, and analysis of variants in the context of next-gen sequencing analysis. Unlike some other tools used for Next-Gen sequencing analysis, variant tools is project based and provides a whole set of tools to manipulate and analyze genetic variants.
  • Script of Scripts: SoS consists of the SoS Polyglot Notebook and SoS Workflow Engine. SoS Notebook is a customized Jupyter kernel with associated frontend extensions that allows the use of multiple kernels in one Jupyter notebook. SoS Workflow engine is a Python 3 based workflow engine designed to be readable, sharable, and suitable for daily data analysis.

Please visit Dr. Peng’s Laboratory of Variant Analysis Tools at Github for more details on his recent work.