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Example Faculty

Mary Was Here

This section will NOT be part of the final site; it is just here to provide an example of using hugo and markdown.

This web page was generated from the file content/faculty/example-faculty/ Look at this file for examples of:

  1. Using bold and emphasis in markdown
  2. Adding and formatting a figure (like photo to the right)
  3. Linking to other pages in your directory
  4. Making lists (like this list)
  5. Using a custom “hugo shortcode” for making links.
    • Links to external sites will open in a different tab and include the icon
    • Links to URLs containing the string ‘mdanderson’ will open in the same tab and not have the icon
    • If the URL contains ‘ftp://’, the download icon will be used instead:
    • If link is within MD Anderson, but you still want a new tab, add the parameter newtab = ‘true’.
  6. Adding equations using LaTeX math syntax (see below). Here is a LaTeX math cheat sheet .
  7. Adding syntax-highlighted computer code (see below)
  8. Using custom colors and fonts
  9. Using superscriptssuper and subscriptssub

Here is an in-line equation: $\Phi_{electric} = \frac{Q}{\epsilon_0}$, and here is a display equation:

$$\oint_S \mathbf{E} \cdot \mathbf{dA} = \frac{Q}{\epsilon_0}$$

Here is an example of using a code block with syntax highlighting for R:

# Here is some R code for a simple plot
x <- seq(0, 5, by = .1)
y <- dnorm(x, mean = 2.5, sd = 0.5)

And an example in C++:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() 
    cout << "Hello, World!";
    return 0;

This change made by Sylvain. Hugo is the greatest thing!