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Visitor's Guide

The MD Anderson Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology website is divided into 2 sections, namely the MD Anderson Institutional Site and the Departmental Website. Both sites are accessible via links on the navigation menu on the left.


MD Anderson Site

You should visit the MD Anderson Institutional site if you are looking for information regarding:

Departmental Site

You should remain on the Departmental Site if you are looking for information regarding:

The Departmental Site also has a number of features that can help you better locate information that you are interested in:

Software and Services Forums

If you have a question, a feature request or a bug request for a particular software or web service offered by MD Anderson, you can communicate with the authors as well as other users using our Software and Services Forums. Clicking on the link will bring you to a list of forums:

List of forums

Locate the forum that is relevant to you. E.g. If you have a question regarding SpliceSeq tool, enter the SpliceSeq forum.

SpliceSeq forum

You will see a list of threads, each thread concern a particular topic. You can either add a new post to an existing thread, or create a new thread.

To post to an existing thread, enter the thread.

In this example, click Initial Post. You will see the following page:

SpliceSeq forum

Simply enter your question in the textboxes below and click Submit.

SpliceSeq forum post

To start a new thread, go back to the forum page:

SpliceSeq forum

And click Start New Thread link on the top right hand corner of the table of threads. Then simply fill up the textboxes and click Submit, just like what you would do if you were posting to an existing thread instead.