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Publications, Supplements and Data Sets

Here you can find an extensive list of articles published by our faculty members, along with Supplementary materials such as tables, datasets and source code. You can sort the table by clicking on the column headers.

There are 595 articles. Download the entire list in BibTeX or EndNote format.

Year Article Supplementary Material
2015 Li et al. TANRIC: An interactive open platform to explore the function of lncRNAs in cancer.
Cancer Res. , Jul 2015     BibTeX EndNote    URL
2013 Yoshihara et al. Inferring tumour purity and stromal and immune cell admixture from expression data.
Nat Commun 4:2612, 2013    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2013 Yang et al. Predicting time to ovarian carcinoma recurrence using protein markers.
J. Clin. Invest. 123(9):3740-50, Sep 2013    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2013 Li et al. TCPA: a resource for cancer functional proteomics data.
Nat. Methods 10(11):1046-7, Nov 2013     BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Tzelepi et al. Modeling a lethal prostate cancer variant with small-cell carcinoma features.
Clin. Cancer Res. 18(3):666-77, Feb 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Tsao et al. Concomitant inhibition of DNA methyltransferase and BCL-2 protein function synergistically induce mitochondrial apoptosis in acute myelogenous leukemia cells.
Ann. Hematol. , Aug 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Karn et al. Melanoma antigen family A identified by the bimodality index defines a subset of triple negative breast cancers as candidates for immune response augmentation.
Eur. J. Cancer 48(1):12-23, Jan 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Byers et al. Proteomic Profiling Identifies Dysregulated Pathways in Small Cell Lung Cancer and Novel Therapeutic Targets Including PARP1.
Cancer Discov 2(9):798-811, Sep 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Akli et al. Low molecular weight cyclin E is associated with p27-resistant, high-grade, high-stage and invasive bladder cancer.
Cell Cycle 11(7):1468-76, Apr 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Wilkins et al. A DNA resequencing array for genes involved in Parkinson's disease.
Parkinsonism Relat. Disord. 18(4):386-90, May 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Fu et al. Perifosine plus docetaxel in patients with platinum and taxane resistant or refractory high-grade epithelial ovarian cancer.
Gynecol. Oncol. 126(1):47-53, Jul 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Neeley et al. Surface Adjustment of Reverse Phase Protein Arrays using Positive Control Spots.
Cancer Inform 11:77-86, 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Wu et al. Occult axillary lymph node metastases do not have prognostic significance in early stage breast cancer.
Cancer 118(6):1507-14, Mar 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Li et al. Comparative Analysis of Somatic Copy-number Alterations across Different Human Cancer Types Reveals Two Distinct Classes of Breakpoint Hotspots.
Hum. Mol. Genet. , Aug 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Zeeberg et al. Functional categories associated with clusters of genes that are co-expressed across the NCI-60 cancer cell lines.
PLoS ONE 7(1):e30317, 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Levin et al. Protein and phosphoprotein levels in glioma and adenocarcinoma cell lines grown in normoxia and hypoxia in monolayer and three-dimensional cultures.
Proteome Sci 10(1):5, 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Tucker et al. Do Intermediate Radiation Doses Contribute to Late Rectal Toxicity? An Analysis of Data from Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Protocol 94-06.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys , Feb 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Qiu Inferring phenotypic properties from single-cell characteristics.
PLoS ONE 7(5):e37038, 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 TCGA Comprehensive molecular characterization of human colon and rectal cancer.
Nature 487(7,407):330-7, Jul 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Koboldt et al. Massively parallel sequencing approaches for characterization of structural variation.
Methods Mol. Biol. 838:369-84, 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL

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