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Publications, Supplements and Data Sets

Here you can find an extensive list of articles published by our faculty members, along with Supplementary materials such as tables, datasets and source code. You can sort the table by clicking on the column headers.

There are 595 articles. Download the entire list in BibTeX or EndNote format.

Year Article Supplementary Material
2015 Li et al. TANRIC: An interactive open platform to explore the function of lncRNAs in cancer.
Cancer Res. , Jul 2015     BibTeX EndNote    URL
2013 Yang et al. Predicting time to ovarian carcinoma recurrence using protein markers.
J. Clin. Invest. 123(9):3740-50, Sep 2013    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2013 Li et al. TCPA: a resource for cancer functional proteomics data.
Nat. Methods 10(11):1046-7, Nov 2013     BibTeX EndNote    URL
2013 Yoshihara et al. Inferring tumour purity and stromal and immune cell admixture from expression data.
Nat Commun 4:2612, 2013    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Alatrash et al. The role of antigen cross-presentation from leukemia blasts on immunity to the leukemia-associated antigen PR1.
J. Immunother. 35(4):309-20, May 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Su et al. PurityEst: estimating purity of human tumor samples using next-generation sequencing data.
Bioinformatics , Jun 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Ellis et al. Whole-genome analysis informs breast cancer response to aromatase inhibition.
Nature 486(7,403):353-60, Jun 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Tsai et al. Osteoradionecrosis and Radiation Dose to the Mandible in Patients With Oropharyngeal Cancer.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys , Jul 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Koivunen et al. Transformation by the (R)-enantiomer of 2-hydroxyglutarate linked to EGLN activation.
Nature 483(7,390):484-8, Mar 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Wan et al. Activation of β-catenin signaling in androgen receptor-negative prostate cancer cells.
Clin. Cancer Res. 18(3):726-36, Feb 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Yao et al. Identification of common prognostic gene expression signatures with biological meanings from microarray gene expression datasets.
PLoS ONE 7(9):e45894, 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Walter et al. Clonal architecture of secondary acute myeloid leukemia.
N. Engl. J. Med. 366(12):1090-8, Mar 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Jiang et al. Long-term clinical outcome of intensity-modulated radiotherapy for inoperable non-small cell lung cancer: the MD Anderson experience.
Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 83(1):332-9, May 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Carter et al. Survivin is highly expressed in CD34+38- leukemic stem/progenitor cells and predicts poor clinical outcomes in AML.
Blood 120(1):173-80, Jul 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network Comprehensive genomic characterization of squamous cell lung cancers.
Nature 489(7,417):519-25, Sep 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Larson et al. SomaticSniper: identification of somatic point mutations in whole genome sequencing data.
Bioinformatics 28(3):311-7, Feb 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Vinogradskiy et al. Investigation of the relationship between gross tumor volume location and pneumonitis rates using a large clinical database of non-small-cell lung cancer patients.
Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 82(5):1650-8, Apr 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Zhang et al. SRMA: an R package for resequencing array data analysis.
Bioinformatics 28(14):1928-30, Jul 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Sankaranarayanapillai et al. Metabolic Shifts Induced by Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitor Orlistat in Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells Provide Novel Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers for Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
Mol Imaging Biol , Aug 2012     BibTeX EndNote    URL
2012 Akay et al. Evaluation of the MD Anderson Prognostic Index for local-regional recurrence after breast conserving therapy in patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
Ann. Surg. Oncol. 19(3):901-7, Mar 2012    Abstract   BibTeX EndNote    URL

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