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The Atlas of non-coding RNA in Cancer

Description An open-access resource for interactive exploration of lncRNAs in cancer.
Development Information
Language JavaScript (with Python and R back-end data processing)
Current Version 1.0.6
License Not required
Status Active
Last Updated 2015-07-29
Citations Li J, Han L, Roebuck P, Diao L, Liu L, Yuan Y, Weinstein JN, Liang H. (2015).
TANRIC: An Interactive Open Platform to Explore the Function of lncRNAs in Cancer.
Cancer Research, 75(18), 3728-3737.
News 16 citations (as reported by WebOfScience 2016-12).
Help and Support
Contact Han Liang[1]

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have emerged as essential players in cancer biology. Using recent large-scale RNA-seq datasets, especially those from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), we have developed a user-friendly, open-access webapp for interactive exploration of lncRNAs in cancer. It characterizes the expression profiles of lncRNAs in large patient cohorts of 20 cancer types, including TCGA and independent data sets (>8,000 samples overall). TANRIC enables researchers to rapidly and intuitively analyze lncRNAs of interest (annotated lncRNAs or any user-defined ones) in the context of clinical and other molecular data, both within and across tumor types. Using TANRIC, we have identified a large number of lncRNAs with potential biomedical significance, many of which show strong correlations with established therapeutic targets and biomarkers across tumor types or with drug sensitivity across cell lines. TANRIC represents a valuable tool for investigating the function and clinical relevance of lncRNAs in cancer, greatly facilitating lncRNA-related biological discoveries and clinical applications.

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TANRIC is free for academic or non-profit organization users. For industry or commercial users, please contact Jun Li at to discuss the license issue.


Browser Requirements

We recommend use of recent versions of HTML5-compliant browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox; depending on the version, IE might not be suitable. Javascript must be enabled by the browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TANRIC?

TANRIC is an open-access resource for interactive exploration of lncRNAs in cancer. It characterizes the expression profiles of lncRNAs in large patient cohorts of 20 cancer types including TCGA, CCLE and other independent datasets.

  • How do we quantify long noncoding-RNA expression?

Based on the BAM files, we use RPKM to quantify the expression levels of lncRNAs. Please refer to the pipeline shown in the quick tutorial.

  • What datasets are currently included in TANRIC?
    • TCGA (20 cancer types)
    • CCLE (20 cancer lineages)
    • OTHER (three independent datasets)
  • Any restrictions on use of data obtained from TANRIC?

All data available on TANRIC website is free to use for educational and research purposes.
For other purposes, please contact Dr. Han Liang.

  • What modules are in TANRIC?
    • Summary
    • Visualization
    • Download
    • My lncRNA
    • Analyze all lncRNAs
    • lncRNAs in cell lines
  • How can I quickly learn about using TANRIC?

View TANRIC's quick tutorial, which includes videos on how to use each module.


Login is not required for academic use.


For questions or support related to the use of TANRIC web app, please visit the project's forum page.
For other inquiries, contact Dr. Han Liang.


Before using TCGA data, please read TCGA guidelines for publication and moratoriums.

This web app is for educational and research purposes only.