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CEL files for 19 breast cancer cell lines

The goal of this study was to develop pharmacogenomic predictors in response to standard chemotherapy drugs in breast cancer cell lines and test their predictive value in patients who received treatment with the same drugs. Nineteen human breast cancer cell lines were tested for sensitivity to paclitaxel (T), 5-fluorouracil (F), doxorubicin (A) and cyclophosphamide © in vitro. Baseline gene expression data were obtained for each cell line with Affymetrix U133A gene chips, and multigene predictors of sensitivity were derived for each drug separately.

The zip file can be downloaded here.

Clinical evaluation of chemotherapy response predictors developed from breast cancer cell lines .
Cornelia Liedtke, Jing Wang, Attila Tordai, William F. Symmans, Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, Ludwig Kiesel, Kenneth Hess, Keith A. Baggerly, Kevin R. Coombes and Lajos Pusztai.
BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT. 2010; Volume 121, Number 2, 301-309.