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This project is archived and no longer maintained.

Microarray GO Browser

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DescriptionGO Browser is a tool used for exploratory analysis of gene expression microarray data
Development Information
Current version0.92
PlatformsPlatforms running JVM
Last updated2003-10-31
Help and Support

Microarray GO Browser User’s Guide

The Gene Ontology Browser tool provides a means of analyzing microarray data. Given a list of “interesting” spots on an array, it ties the gene functions to their biological roots in a human interpretable form. Selecting tree nodes causes their gene ontology to be mapped back to associated genes, each of which are displayed in a list by corresponding gene symbol and name. List items function as hyperlinks for web browser viewing of their LocusLink information at the NCBI.

User Interface

The Gene Ontology Browser (as displayed below) is an MDI-style Java application. This style is similar to applications like Microsoft Word, allowing multiple documents to be in use simultaneously. Open documents are listed in the Window pulldown menu with a checkmark preceding the active (selected) document.

Each document contains a tree view of experiment results from microarray data. Opening a document creates a new window with the title of the document displayed in the title bar and any remarks displayed in the Description panel. The Experiment Terms panel displays a hierarchial view of gene ontology terms associated with the experiment results. Each term is displayed preceded (in brackets) by its cumulative and pure frequencies. Selecting one or more terms from the tree will cause the associated Locus ids to be looked up and their symbol/name to be displayed in the scrolled list in the Associated Genes panel. Double-clicking on items in the scrolled list will launch a web browser which will display the item’s LocusLink information. Tool tips display the accession ids for both Gene Ontology terms and LocusLink symbols.

Gene Ontology Browser

File Pulldown Menu

The File pulldown menu contains all the generic file handling options.

Appearance Pulldown Menu

The Appearance pulldown menu contains the appearance modification options. It allows changing the look and feel of the application via pullright menu selections.

Window Pulldown Menu

The Window pulldown menu contains all the generic window handling options and an open document list.

Help Pulldown Menu

The Help pulldown menu contains all the options providing basic assistance in using the application.