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Example Software Project

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DescriptionTo change information in this box, edit the ‘front matter’ in the software’s markdown page.
Development Information
GitHub MD-Anderson-Bioinformatics/MBatch
Current version1.4.17
PlatformsAll platforms
Last updated11/06/2018
Citation Submitted to Nature Methods
Rohrdanz, M. A., Zheng, W., Hoff, W., Lambeth, B., Vreede, J., and Clementi, C., “Multiscale Approach to the Determination of Photoactive Yellow Protein Signalling State Ensemble”, PLOS Computational Biology, (2014) 
Rohrdanz, M. A., Herbert, J. H., “Simultaneous benchmarking of ground- and excited-state properties with long-range-corrected density functional theory”, J. Chem. Phys. 129, 034107 (2008) 
Help and Support
Contact Tod Casasent 
Chris Wakefield 

Example Software Project

This is an example software project to show how to use the theme. This page was generated from the file: content/public-software/, and will NOT be part of the actual web site.

The information in the box to the right comes from the 'front matter' in this file. This is were information like the GitHub URL, language, citation, and contact information can be placed. For reference, the front matter for this page is shown below. This front matter is in YAML format, starting and ending with three hyphens ‘—’. Entries may be left blank (e.g. ‘url’, ‘license’, and ‘news’ below).

For all but two of the keys, the value is simple text. The two keys that different are citation and contact:

Here is a shortcode for a button. You can change the colors via parameters within the shortcode.


Front Matter for Example Software Project

title: "Example Software Project"
date: 2018-11-11
draft: false
bread: "Example Software"   #<– text used in breadcrumb navigation link

description: "To change information in this box, edit the 'front matter' in the software's markdown page."
language: R
current-version: 1.4.17
platforms: All platforms
status: Active
last-updated: 11/06/2018
citation: ["A pan-cancer proteomic perspective on The Cancer Genome Atlas", ""]
contact: ["Tod Casasent", ""]
github: "MD-Anderson-Bioinformatics/MBatch"
image: "/public-software/img/dyce.png"