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DescriptionRPPA SPACE is an R package of tools for reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA)
Development Information
GitHub MD-Anderson-Bioinformatics/rppaspace
Current version1.0.8
Citation Huma Shehwana, Shwetha V. Kumar, James M. Melott, Mary A. Rohrdanz, Chris Wakefield, Zhenlin Ju, Doris Siwak, Yiling Lu, Bradley M. Broom, John N. Weinstein, Gordon B. Mills, and Rehan Akbani, RPPA SPACE: An R package for normalization and quantitation of Reverse-Phase Protein Array (RPPA) data. Submitted.
Help and Support
Contact Rehan Akbani 


RPPA SPACE (Reverse-Phase Protein Array Superposition and Concentration Evaluation) is an R package for the analysis of reverse-phase protein array (RPPA) data. The package inputs a set of quantification files representing dilution series of samples and control points taken from scanned RPPA slides and determines relative log concentration values for dilution series on each slide. The package outputs graphical visualization of the input and output data and their relationships. Optional features include generation of multiple slide quality control scores, spatial adjustment of sample points, and various types of normalization of calculated values across a set of slides.

RPPA SPACE is a descendent of the SuperCurve R package, with the following improvements:

For detailed information on RPPA SPACE and its use, see the package’s vignette: Guide to RPPA SPACE


RPPA SPACE requires R >= 3.5.0 and can be installed from CRAN within R:


RPPA SPACE is available on both CRAN and GitHub .