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DescriptionA comprehensive resource for accessing, visualizing, and analyzing cancer mitochondrial genomic data.
Development Information
LanguageJavaScript (with some R data processing)
Current version2.1
LicenseNot required
Last updated2016-11-18
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Citation Yuan et al. PCAWG. (2017). (submitted).
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The Cancer Mitochondrial Atlas

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Mitochondria are essential cellular organelles that play critical roles in cancer development. Through International Cancer Genome Consortium, we performed a multidimensional characterization of mitochondrial genomes using the whole-genome sequencing data of ~2,700 patients across 37 cancer types and related RNA-sequencing data. Our analysis presents the most definitive mutational landscape of mitochondrial genomes. To facilitate mitochondria-related biological discoveries and clinical applications, we developed an open-access, user-friendly data portal “The Cancer Mitochondrial Atlas” (TCMA) for fluent exploration of the various types of molecular data characterized in this study.