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More Info on Files Category

The Files Category lists the available types of files found within each dataset archive.

More Info on Sources Category

The Source Category lists the source of the data, such as the GDC or PanCan Study Group.

More Info on Derivations Category

The Derivations Category lists the derivation of data within a Source, such as, for the GDC, "current" or "legacy" data.

More Info on Archive Type Category

The Archive Type Category lists the variation of data in the dataset--for the GDC, this is "standardized". Other datasets may provide other Archive Type Categories.

More Info on Algorithms Category

The Algorithms Category divides the data into "continuous", amenable to most standardize statistical processing, and "discrete", generally sparse matrices and not amenable to many statistical methods.

More Info on Versions Category

The Versions Category are the timestamps for when the data was acquired by the Query Form. This Category works different from the rest. By default, the Query Form will show the newest version of each dataset. Selecting one or more Versions, limits the results to that particular version. Note that in Standardized Data, each Version may only contain a single dataset.

More Info on Projects Category

The Projects Category lists the higher-level project, like TCGA or TARGET, for the dataset.

More Info on Sub-Projects Category

The Sub-Projects Category lists what is generally the disease (cancer type) being processed. Some Projects do not divide data by disease, hence the more generic name for this Category.

More Info on Data Type Category

The Data Type Category divides the datasets into general type of data. Currently, some Data Types can be overly specific (such as for different mutation data) and some overly general or redundant (such as "Copy Number Segment" and "Copy number variation").

More Info on Details Category

The Details Category allows filtering on detailed options for datasets, in particular the Methylation data option to include (wXY) or exclude (noXY) sex chromosomes.

More Info on Platforms Category

The Platforms Category lists the available platforms. Currently, some may be redundant and misleading, such as the Legacy GDC data having "Illumina Human Methylation 27" and "Illumina Human Methylation 450" compared to the Current GDC data using "Liftover".

More Info on Platforms Category

*DSC P-Values are not corrected for multiple testing.
The DSC P-Value Category lists common p-value cut-offs.

More Info on Platforms Category

The Min DSC Value indicates the DSC of the results should be less than or equal to this value. Empty means accept any value.

More Info on Platforms Category

The Max DSC Value indicates the DSC of the results should be less than or equal to this value. Empty means accept any value.

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