Notes from the June 30-July 1 Meeting of the IOM Committee on the Use of Omics-Based Markers in Clinical Trials

This web page is designed to hold files from the third meeting of the IOM Committee examining the use of Omics-based signatures in clinical trials. Some case studies related to the formation of this committee are presented in the manuscript Deriving Chemosensitivity from Cell Lines: Forensic Bioinformatics and Reproducible Research in High-Throughput Biology by Keith A. Baggerly and Kevin R. Coombes (the main page is here) and Subsequent Reports (available here).

Session Description and Agenda

The June 30-July 1 meeting of the IOM Omics committee was mostly in closed session. The only open session presentation involved a discussion with Lisa McShane of the NCI.

MP3 Files of McShane Discussion Session

1. Part 1 1 hr, 55 min, 55 sec; 55.6 Mb
2. Part 2 23 min, 25 sec; 11.2 Mb

Files Mentioned in the Discussion

Slides from Dr. McShane dealing with challenges in evaluating genomic predictors.

Letter from David Beer alluded to by Dan Hayes.

The discussion mentions a meeting between members of the committee and Dr. McShane that took place on Jun 21st ("an extraordinary meeting").
Summary Notes from Jun 21 Mtg.

Other files may eventually appear on the IOM's web page for this session.