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Download data

Download tumor type specific PSI values for the splice events of selected genes and samples. All samples for all TCGA disease types have now been loaded and are available for download. Splice Event filters can be used to select splice events with a greater range of PSI values or larger standard deviation across samples. Data is returned as a tab delimited event by sample matrix. If your browser times out or you get a proxy error when trying to download large sets of splice events (e.g. all BRCA splice events), try the download in multiple sections by downloading one splice event type at a time (download exon skip events first, then alternate acceptors, etc).

(1) Select a TCGA disease type:

(2) Gene HUGO symbols
(leave blank for all genes):

(4) Select Splice Event Type(s):

Alternate Acceptors [AA] Alternate Donors [AD] Exon Skip [ES] Retained Intron [RI] Alternate Promoters [AP] Alternate Terminators [AT] Mutually Exclusive Exons [ME]

(5) Splice Event Filters: