REFLECT (REcurrent Features LEveraged for Combination Therapy)

Recurrent, co-occurring, actionable oncogenic aberrations from multi-omics data

Summary REFLECT is a scalable and user-friendly bioinformatics tool to accelerate drug discovery and clinical translation that will result in real patient benefit. REFLECT identifies co-actionable, co-occurring oncogenic alterations that are recurrent within patient cohorts. REFLECT aims to enable researchers and clinicians to develop more effective targeted therapy combinations and better select benefiting patient cohorts in preclinical and clinical settings.

Web App This REFLECT-based online resource captures co-occurrence analyses of ~200 patient cohorts each identified by a potentially actionable aberration. To view them, please select a valid data type and stratification from the navigation bar.

Browser Requirements We recommend use of recent versions of HTML5-compliant browsers such as Chrome (which is prefered becuase it offers the best visualization for the REFLECT web app), Safari and Firefox; depending on the version, IE might not be suitable. Javascript must be enabled by the browser.

R Package The reflect package ( provides a set of functions that runs the reflect pipeline and plots results.